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Click on the link below to view a copy of our current availability.


We have 2 big announcements! 

1. We now have one central email address for orders.

From now on, please email all orders to Sales@sunsgh.com

2. Online ordering is now available!

Select ‘Online Ordering’ from the menu bar and request a username and login.

Advantages of placing orders online:

  • View a LIVE availability
  • Fewer shortages
  • Order anytime… available 24/7

**Note: This system is a work in progress. By reading the instructions first, hopefully you can avoid some of the common mistakes.** (Web Ordering Instructions)

  • Best times to place an online order: Sunday evenings or Wednesday evenings. We suggest you avoid Monday and Thursday mornings because things sell out so quickly it could cause lots of errors when trying to submit the order.
  • Note: Outdoor products are sold in flats. Ex. 1 = 1 flat. Indoor foliage is sold by the each count. Ex. 1 = 1 pot. If ordering 3” standing foliage, make sure you order in increments of 24, mixed flats are allowed. If ordering 4” standing foliage, make sure you order in increments of 10, mixed flats are allowed. Ex. 5 angel vine, 5 baby tears = 1 flat.

To place an order, please email Sales@sunsgh.com.  Orders can also be faxed to 801-373-7434.  To reach us by phone, please call 801-377-2477.

We are open Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm.

Note: We have not moved but our address has changed.  Please update your records.  Our new address is 384 S. Lakeview Pkwy, Provo, UT 84601.